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SlickRock embodies the soul of Mountain biking. Named for the famous Slickrock Trail near Moab, Utah. The SlickRock like it’s name sake is made for the high technical and high aerobic requirements of a X-coutry rider while made to look good anywhere.

The sandstone is sometimes smooth, sometimes rough. While Slickrock is best on a full-suspension bike, a hardtail is fine, and we see many riders on old rigid bikes. If your bike hasn’t seen rock before, it’s best to stop every few miles and check all the bolts and cables. Bike parts tend to rattle loose. If you’re riding a cheap bike, check the fillings in your teeth, too.

Spring and fall are best for biking southern Utah. (It gets pretty hot in the middle of a mid-summer’s day.) But we’ve done Slickrock in both December and July, and had a great time. Just dress for the weather, bring emergency clothing, and make sure you’re prepared to spend longer on the trail than you’d planned. Pack plenty of water.

As the home of the most famous bike trail in the world, Moab has more bike stores and motels than most large cities. It’s about four hours from the Salt Lake City airport, and you can rent your bike equipment when you get there.802 802ML


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